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Monday, November 16, 2015

The bee's knees?

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     Well I Guess i have some explaining to do. After my middle ages blog assignments, i've been reading books behind the blog. This one, in-particular, is (well, was) Stung by Bethany Wiggins. It was absolutely spectacular and i'm sorry you didn't experience this romantic and thrilling book along my side. But don't fret! Its a series! (jumps up and down with excitement)

     Its about a world without bee's. With no bee's, theres no pollen. Without pollen there is no plants. With no plants there are no animals. Without animals there are no humans. Scary. But makes a great story line. The world is under a huge weight, and the world inside the wall (where all the important, smart, musical people are, and where they are trying to start a new generation) is at war with the ones outside (the pour, starving people that either have the mark of the beast, or where turned by from there families because there family was good enough for the wall, but they weren't)

         The mark of the beast is a tattoo that all of the smart, young genoration got after being injected with "the cure" that was supposed to start the new genoration. These kids where given different doses depending on how important they where to the rest of humanity. the amounts of doses was shown by the number of marks on there tattoo, going from one to ten. but little did hey know, the "cure" ended up turning all of the "new generation" into complete and utter beasts. Ironic for the "less important ones". So now these Beasts are hunted down and tested on, or kept and sold on the black market to fight like dogs, for entertainment.

Ill be back tomorrow...

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