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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


            Back to the Stung summery...

        We are, early on, introduced to fiona. She wakes up not remembering anything, though we later learn she was put into a medically induced coma to stall her life so they could find a cure (she was given a level ten dose). She leaves the house and covers up her tattoo. Then after she goes wandering, Arinn saves her from the raiders. Arinn tells her that she has to cut her hair and cover up her breasts so that know one knows she is a girl, (remind you that there is 1 woman for every 7 men)  and takes her somewhere to "pay her back". 

       Fiona gets caught and they soon discover she is a level ten. Thinking that she is "really dangerous" they put her in cuffs and Bowen soon starts to monitor her. Put when he finds out she is a girl, they realize they went to school together, and she realizes she is seventeen, and she was thirteen when she was put under a comma. He then starts to form a relationship with her, she also is not showing any signs of being infected. They start to become really close friends, and even more...

         they then start to hide from the other men when they realize she is a woman. They run away and then a reward is sent out for fiona because she was the first child to awake from the comma, and they want to test on her. So they try to hide, but then Arinn tells them she is taking them inside the wall, when she is really putting into the pits to fight. when Bowen gets her out they get there way tot the lab. WHere she finds out that her sister Lis. Well, now we are onto the second.


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