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~Mason Cooley

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


                                   Back to page 34 in Cured by Bethany Wiggins,

           ~We have now properly been introduced to Jaqui (Jack, because she pretends to be a boy) after seeing her at one of the passing houses. The storyline continues but this time, in jacks eyes. We experience a little bit of her family life, having a very important father and living of of canned beans and rise. But the last of her is seen leaving her home and crossing the boundaries.~

        I think that jack is going to find Bowen and fiona (from the first book of the series) and do something with them. I think this because she left a note saying "I am going to live inside of the walls". However, this might as well be a distraction to her actual intention. I believe that she too will find romance (without romance, this wouldn't be a Bethany Wiggins book. Lets be honest) in this world, where she only wishes she could have the romance on fiona and Bowen.

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