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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Outsiders -S.E Hinton
Student #301

"Slowly Crumbled,
With a look of grim triumph"

           Oh dally. dally, dally, dally. Where do I start. His death was almost more tragic in my mind than johnny's because of the way it was described. Pony had to watch it, along with all the others, but dally wanted it. He needed it. He was to clever to run out into the spotlight of a city lamp, raise a gun that wasn't even loaded and expect not to be shot. He wanted to die a criminal, a "hoodlum" in pony's eyes. We practically watched him crumple with the impact of bullets nudging him, that is why it was sad. With johnny it was horrible, but it wasn't so sudden, we knew it was coming. Dally had done something unpredictable. Thats is what made it the way it was.

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