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~Mason Cooley

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Student #301
Example of Dave Mckeans unique
 art style...
Coraline -Neil Gaiman
Dont look at this pic up close if you
Dont want nightmares...


           Welcome back to page 32 of...Finally!... Coraline -Neil Gaiman......


            Update; Coraline just found the "double dimension" where her world is upside down, with buttons for eyes. Literally. Creepy.

              I think that Coraline is going to realize that even though her life isn't perfect, the double dimension is not all its cut out to be. It will back fire. But i also think that it was really silly of her to not listen to all of the signs that where right in front of her face. "i see in the tea leaves your life is in danger" -miss Spink and miss Miriam. "the mice said not to go through the door"- crazy man upstairs. Even though these where far fetched, i would have at least been like, "Oh, yea, i was given warnings!", Come on Coraline, really.



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