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~Mason Cooley

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Smudge- What fun is.

Student #301
English, P3

Pieces of lead fly across my desk in tiny specks like sparks from a flickering crackling flame. The ideas flooding from the right side of my brain, cascading down to the left side. Translating the words into a form only an artist could comprehend. My hands shaked with a controlled motion, making unique shapes organized in intricate patterns. Turquoise, Yellow-Green, Light Pink-Purple my mind instructs, giving me light, cold colors.
I have a mindset of what my topic is, but my hand does the rest, guiding my every move. A curved crescent moon shape makes a rose pedals lip. Swelled and bent to create the perfect look. The pink-orange glow resembled a peach that was juicy and dripping with ripe, plump flavor. A light cherry blossom pink highlights the top right curves giving the illusion of light bouncing of the page like the sunrise reflecting off of the morning dew on fresh red rose.
I felt ideas rushing to my hand like blood running through my veins, but i had to breath, i had to be focused. My curvy handwriting illuminated the words Beautiful onto the front of my piece. I couldn’t think of anything else in the world. My mind was mentally linked to this paper, gripping its every line and and yanking at all of its meaning and value. The silhouettes of my past creations echoed in my mind, illuminating my eyelids so that everytime i blink, inspiration flows.
I didn't quite know my reason for grasping art, but i knew the outcome was what i needed in my life. A way to spend my time, a way to make me enjoy time without my phone or tv. I didn't need my friends to make it fun, i didn’t need to be getting anything out of it other than the joy i feel when i complete it, something I did.

Victory.. Complesion… Compashine…

My pencil drops, my eyes light up, My hand flares and blisters with the burning sensation. The inner bend of my finger red, pulsing, and callused. It’s done...

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