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~Mason Cooley

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Student #301

                    Trashed Hope

Back to page 21 in the book Doll Bones by Holly Black...

            I am so disappointed in Zacks Father for getting rid of his Action figures just because he thinks he is to old for it. His father just jumped back into his sons life thinking he can start where he left of as a dad, but Zack is not completely for this new situation. He is a typical dad who thinks his son should be sporty and be the perfect kid, but no kid is like that. Though i am very glad that his dad is at least making an effort. He had gone to the dump (because he threw the toys away) and searched for them himself. I think he will start to understand how much they mean to him, or at least i hope....

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  1. I think you did a great job expressing your feelings about the book, but why do you feel that way? You said that you were glad the dad was making an effort, but why? Anyway you did a wonderful job of drawing me picture about how the dad was trying to get involved, nice job.