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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Student #301

Doll ashes

                      Back to page 68 of Doll Bones -Holly Black...

Art Strait from the pages
Doll Bones -Holly Black
Pg. 64

A Closer Look, Eyes Fluttered shut
Doll Bones -Holly Black
        My prediction about the mission including the doll was correct! The girls (Poppy and alice) gave Zack a note. When he didn't answer it they went to house and told him the story of the doll, and how the doll was made by the father of a young girl who died. He had gone crazy after her death and couldn't stand to put her in the ground, so he made all of her remains into a doll. I think this is extremely creepy, but also very intriguing. I think they will have some difficulty going out at Midnight, Riding a buss to Ohio, and berreing a doll in the empty grave of Eleanor Kerchner (the "Dead" girl). It will be difficult to do this in less than 7 hours, before school. 

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