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"Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are."

~Mason Cooley

Friday, September 2, 2016

Reese B.
Ms. knuttila p.4

Hi, I'm Reese Baughman, I haven't written on this blog in a while. I have a lot of goals for this year of 8th grade. One of my goals is to become a better writer, I like to write, I just have never gave myself the opportunity. I think I should work on it because it interests me. Another goal for this year is to do more art, I have always tried to find something I like, and art has always been there for me to fall back on. The final goal I have for this year is to become for athletic, to really put myself out there when I comes to sports. I've never been really athletic, but this year I feel different, I want to be apart of something, I want to live a healthy life style. I will be pursuing volleyball, because i love the sport. I also want to volunteer at woods human or at a homeless shelter. and go to the beach more.Those are some of the goals i have for 8th grade

Monday, May 16, 2016

Reese Baughman
Mr. Coward English

The Book = The Movie

The Giver book is a thrilling, thoughtfully written book about how a world could become if we are not careful. It shows the decisions made out of love, and the sacrifices you do for others, for the better of the world (or community). I think the giver movie does justice to the book because it gives you the important points, it only has slight changes, and it over all send the same message, and is in a more compact time span.
The giver book is all about the world of Jonas’s, compared to ours. The complete and total differences boggling our minds, showing us the small perks, and huge consequences. Those important fractions are shown very clearly in the book, as well as the movie. There are also certain parts of the book and the movie that are better noticed through the other, such as the impact of the pills. After Jonas stopped taking the pills, or injections, and had feelings for fiona and felt the stirrings. I personally think we better understand that concept because of the movie example.
Another reason I think that the movie does justice to the book is because the changes they made were really minor. The sign of having the gift as a birth mark, rather than eye color is not very significant to the storyline.or having his first sight of color be of the trees instead of an apple isn't that big of a difference. Also, as I said in the last paragraph, some changes benefit the movie overall.
And lastly, The movie sends the same message as the book overall. That you can’t stop bad things from happening, or protect people from themselves. People will be people, even if that means making your own mistakes and using them to learn, and teach others.That’s what we are always doing in this world, learning from our mistakes. Hopefully jonas leaving will make a change in the community, or everywhere around the world. The Book gives you the same effect. The story, the adventure, the love for the character, ex. Though I always encourage to read the book, you should also experience the movie. Also, the author helped with the movie, so this is the was the author envisioned the book.
So, in conclusion, i think the movie does justice to the book because it gives you the important points, it only has slight changes, and it over all send the same message, and is in a more compact time span. But don’t pass one up! read the book and watch the movie (but read the book first).

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Resilient

The smell of fresh bread fills the air, emanating from the two ovens thickening the newly kneaded dough into multiple tough, thick, bland loafs. The mouth watering smell never lived up the the bitter, blank, taste. So when I was five I made up a unique, drool worthy taste (that I imagined only the people in the manor could have the pleasure of savoring) that took over my mind, instead of the disappointment of the plain brick like bread. But soon my pleasant memories were interrupted by,
“Rose…” ”Rosey…” “Rose Baker! Get up! You should have been up an hour ago!” My father announced prominently
“Hhmmm….” I mustered
Oh no! my head screamed, echoing over and over and over. I lurched out of bed and my stomach did the same. I ran to my drawers and yanked them open. I pulled out a cream colored worn apron, a light blue tunic that hung to my knees and grasped my waist and long thin tights that went up to my thin thighs wrapping around my knees like a tightly wrapped present on christmas eve. I yanked on my tunic and (strategically as I could) pulled on the silhouetting tights. I runned my fingers through my hair and tied it into a tight braid. With my apron in my hands I ran over to my father.
The dark room was cluttered with dark, musty smoke. But the sun still poured through the open door, making dusk particles sparkle and gleam like glitter being thrusted into the air.
“Mighty smoky In here” dad bursted
“Isn't it always” I smiled turning around for him to tie my apron, “Why did you let me sleep in?”
“You looked tired” he said with the end of a knot. My dad was a gentleman with brown, softly, curled hair, and a very kind heart. His hands were covered in flour splotches, and his apron dabbed with yeast. He grabbed my shoulder and turned me to face him, with his hands on my cheeks he kissed my forehead. Then he handed me my normal morning  basket of bread. Without a word, just a grin, i hopped out the open door into the burning bright morning sunlight.
Morning dew filled every summer flower, making a little petal tea cup out of each of them. The manor boys made hooting and howling noises as well as talk about me behind my back. “Rosey Ravishing” was something I often heard. I usually said a smart remark to make them blush. But today it wasn't me they were yelling about, it was The miller's daughter. Madison weep, she always gets herself in trouble. “Hey” i said, they didn't here me.
“Leave her alone!” i yelled at the boys. The boy with blacks streaks in his hair combed his hair with his dirt creased hands, trying to impress.
“Come on, where just hav…”
“Save it bird brain, go pick on someone your own size, and preferably soon. Before I gag from looking at you.” The blond haired boy looked down and made a mumbling whimper, and the gang of boys where off.
“Next time i'll tell all your friends what you did last fall!” I remarked
He turned and gave me a pleading look.
“T-t-thanks” Madison mumbled
“No problem, the least i could do” i replied boldly, wiping my hands on my apron and looking in the direction of the boys on my tippy toes. The boys where off in the distance, but i could still find Max’s wondering eyes on me. We both looked away, I looked at my shoes and tried to hide my blushing.
“I swear they only listen to you!” she said as I picked up her fallen basket “Seems that way, does it.” I said with a giggle
“Im serious! you're the only one that always comes and saves the day. You know it's because Max fancys you” Maddison blurted
“Well he will just have to fancy someone else than, that jerk...” i said, (trying to keep my facade.)
“ ...He picks on people that can't stand up for them selv…” I looked at her pleadingly “Sorry”
“It's ok, you heard them. I'm just the expendable girl” she sighed and took the basket filled with luke warm bread, so dense she almost toppled over when she took it from my hand.
“Oh stop, it's really your father that you should be ashamed of.” I conforted still looking at the basket, but when i looked up she was a couple steps away, already walking. So, i walked around the small cabin corner, and only looked over my shoulder once.
I was still staring behind me when running around the corner i wasn't looking where i was going ~Klunk~
A hand grabbed mine and caught me mid air, it was Max.
“Sorry to knock you off balance” He said with a enchanting smile
“Oh don't flatter yourself” i said with a grin, wiping my hands on my apron. He turned around and pulled a small clear jar filled with a milky honey. A burlap cloth covered the top with twine holding it together.
“So… how is your father's work doing?” he almost choked
“Wouldn't you like to know… Gobermouch ” i said looking up to see he never broke his stare, his wild, gold eyes fixed on me. i looked down, and couldn't hide my giggle.
“t-thanks for the honey” i said “Have a good day Max” i said with a smile
“Wait Ros-”
And I bounced away, almost finished with my days work.

I ended up taking the long way home. I thought about how long my day was, and pondered on how it still wasn't over. The door was still open, revealing the inside of the house and its remains. the stone path leading to the door glimmered with its own dull beauty. The bent tulips slowly dripped there tea like remains onto the newly flourishing grass. I saw birds flying in the air above my head and chirping at each other with joy, like little kids. I see a lot of people crowding to one single cottage, but i ignore it because i need to get on with the baking, the mixing, the kneading, and the hot oven heat beating on my face as i use a soft wood paddle to insert the soft domes to harden and thicken. But not rise, because it was unleavened bread. I also see that there are Maddison's soft steps leading to the cottage, followed by Max’s boots. I’ll ask her later...

I hopped in the door reassuring my apron. I begin to hum as i unwrap the basket full of the wonderful baking materials, folding the ends of the canvas cover and taking out the rye flour from Madeline. Thin and frail, but can make something wonderful with a little bit of help. Then i take out the honey from Max. Hard and coarse when first found in honeycomb, but soft and sweet when smoothed.
As i begin to mix all the ingredients and kneading the soft dough i hear a loud cheer from outside.
“Dad can you put this in the oven!” I yell
I run outside to see no other than Maddison and Max standing together watching the crowds yell and scream as they carry Jason Swindler away and into the guilds. She had it in her after all. I look at Max and give him a hopeful smile then max smiles at me. I wave, he waved back. I knew she could do it I thought to myself. I knew it.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

How did you find this place?


           Back to page 182. in Cured by Bethany Wiggins, 

                   Jack did end up finding Bowen and Fiona. All four of them (including Fiona's brother Jonah) set out to find Dean (Jack's brother) and Fiona's mother. but once they get to an old abandoned mansion, Jack attacks a guy who attacks her out in the yard when she is keeping watch. She ends up cutting him and she feels bad because he was trying to help her, and takes him inside to try and heal up.

                       I think that there is something suspicious about Kevin (the guy jack cut) he seems  familiar from another book. I guess we will have to see!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


                                   Back to page 34 in Cured by Bethany Wiggins,

           ~We have now properly been introduced to Jaqui (Jack, because she pretends to be a boy) after seeing her at one of the passing houses. The storyline continues but this time, in jacks eyes. We experience a little bit of her family life, having a very important father and living of of canned beans and rise. But the last of her is seen leaving her home and crossing the boundaries.~

        I think that jack is going to find Bowen and fiona (from the first book of the series) and do something with them. I think this because she left a note saying "I am going to live inside of the walls". However, this might as well be a distraction to her actual intention. I believe that she too will find romance (without romance, this wouldn't be a Bethany Wiggins book. Lets be honest) in this world, where she only wishes she could have the romance on fiona and Bowen.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


            Back to the Stung summery...

        We are, early on, introduced to fiona. She wakes up not remembering anything, though we later learn she was put into a medically induced coma to stall her life so they could find a cure (she was given a level ten dose). She leaves the house and covers up her tattoo. Then after she goes wandering, Arinn saves her from the raiders. Arinn tells her that she has to cut her hair and cover up her breasts so that know one knows she is a girl, (remind you that there is 1 woman for every 7 men)  and takes her somewhere to "pay her back". 

       Fiona gets caught and they soon discover she is a level ten. Thinking that she is "really dangerous" they put her in cuffs and Bowen soon starts to monitor her. Put when he finds out she is a girl, they realize they went to school together, and she realizes she is seventeen, and she was thirteen when she was put under a comma. He then starts to form a relationship with her, she also is not showing any signs of being infected. They start to become really close friends, and even more...

         they then start to hide from the other men when they realize she is a woman. They run away and then a reward is sent out for fiona because she was the first child to awake from the comma, and they want to test on her. So they try to hide, but then Arinn tells them she is taking them inside the wall, when she is really putting into the pits to fight. when Bowen gets her out they get there way tot the lab. WHere she finds out that her sister Lis. Well, now we are onto the second.


Monday, November 16, 2015

The bee's knees?

            Back to page, um, well, the last one...

     Well I Guess i have some explaining to do. After my middle ages blog assignments, i've been reading books behind the blog. This one, in-particular, is (well, was) Stung by Bethany Wiggins. It was absolutely spectacular and i'm sorry you didn't experience this romantic and thrilling book along my side. But don't fret! Its a series! (jumps up and down with excitement)

     Its about a world without bee's. With no bee's, theres no pollen. Without pollen there is no plants. With no plants there are no animals. Without animals there are no humans. Scary. But makes a great story line. The world is under a huge weight, and the world inside the wall (where all the important, smart, musical people are, and where they are trying to start a new generation) is at war with the ones outside (the pour, starving people that either have the mark of the beast, or where turned by from there families because there family was good enough for the wall, but they weren't)

         The mark of the beast is a tattoo that all of the smart, young genoration got after being injected with "the cure" that was supposed to start the new genoration. These kids where given different doses depending on how important they where to the rest of humanity. the amounts of doses was shown by the number of marks on there tattoo, going from one to ten. but little did hey know, the "cure" ended up turning all of the "new generation" into complete and utter beasts. Ironic for the "less important ones". So now these Beasts are hunted down and tested on, or kept and sold on the black market to fight like dogs, for entertainment.

Ill be back tomorrow...